Comments and photos sent in by customers;

maddie lutz.jpeg

I personally wanted to write you and thank you for the wonderful job you did on our muzzleloader. I can’t get over how great it shoots and how lethal it is. As a female hunter, I could handle the muzzleloader well and had no issues using it in the field. I harvested my first bull elk with this bad boy and the bull only took 2-3 steps before falling over. It was a quick, clean kill. My husband and I are already looking to go on more muzzleloader hunts now that we have such an accurate and reliable weapon added to our arsenal. Thanks again for building us a quality firearm! We will gladly give you more business in the future and recommend ya’ll to our friends/family. 


Maddie Lutz



Thanks again for the spectacular gun!  Here is me sighting the new scope in where I was printing ½ moa groups all morning with the largest group going ¾ moa.  Your load data and velocity confirmed with a different lot of IMR-3130.  You can tell it was getting a complete burn because my SD for 15 shots was 7 fps!  I could have never imagined a muzzleloader delivering this kind of precision and consistency.  The 18 twist barrel, powder charge, and 300gr. Pittman aeromax is an amazing combination.


I bedded a Ken Farrell G-Force base w/ recoil lug, and topped it off with a 4.5-18x Bushnell LRTSI in Badger Ordnance max-50 rings.  I have ultimate confidence in this gun.  I will post some 200 yard groups when I get back in town.


Let me know when the updated breech plugs come in and we will also put in an order for the primer module cutter.


Best Regards,



Charlie/ Katie,

I'm sorry that the pictures didn't get to you; but I'm resending.  Charlie if you put either of these pictures on your web site I would offer a caption something like this:" Not much of a trophy buck but the shot of a life time and perhaps the biggest trophy ever ". Charlie I've been working for years to get to the point that I could make this 960 yard killing shot and it finally happened.  It would not have happened without the innovative work that you do!!!  Thank you so much for all your hard work, technical information, support and friendship. This could be a "World Record" and it would have never happened without Ashland Gun Innovations!!! Great gun!!!!


Thank You!



     My 17 yr old daughter got her first deer ever Saturday evening with 30 minutes left in the season.  It was also the first time ever she had pulled the trigger on a muzzle loader.  


     It was just a spike and was only a lil over 150 yds....but dark was approaching and she decided to take it.  The deer dropped instantly. 





Vance from Nebraska




Dropped this 240lb Illinois stud at 225 yds. Your gun did its job. Thanks again.

Rick from PA


Just wanted to send you a quick email and tell you thanks for building this awesome muzzleloader.

This deer I shot 11/8/14 could not have ever happened with a ordinary muzzleloader, he was 275 yards from my stand and upon being shot went only 40 yards.


Rodney in VA



This whitetail was shot at 257 ranged yards with my Ashland Gun Innovations 45 cal Muzzleloader.  I dialed 260 on the elevation and sent one on its way.  I've done some work at longer distances with the gun so I knew this was a chip shot.  No way this would have happened with my Savage smokeless muzzleloader - I would have had to watch him walk away.  See attached - deer scored 168.  Thanks for building a precision long range muzzleloader!


Hank in TN


Hey Charlie,
I went straight from the shop to the stand. I crushed him at 237.
Thanks, Ned!
Dennis of Texas wrote in and sent us a picture of his group at 200yds on the right, 100yd load development target on left.
You outdid yourself.  This gun looks fantastic.  Thanks so much for all of the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship you put into your work.  Not everyone may appreciate your efforts, but I certainly do.  I look at building a fine weapon as an art form and you are definitely approaching Picasso!
Dennis also sent in this picture of a bull Elk.
The gun is beautiful and it shoots great.  The only problem is I didn't get to test the capabilities of the gun when my elk showed up at 7:15am on opening morning on top of the mountain at 8350'.  I shot him at 90 yards in a pine forest and he went maybe 20 yards before dropping.  Maybe I can find one a little farther away next time!  Love the gun.
Ben Shelton of Elmont, Va shot this group at 500yds with his 30" muzzleloader and 300g Parker bullets. Nice shooting sir.
Also here's a 7 pointer taken at 302yards and an 8 at 329.
Local southpaw Ashland resident Jay Washburn took this nice 9 pointer at 291 yards using with the Parker 275g Ballistic Extreme
Mr Petrey of TN sent us in these photos of groups he shot with his AGI muzzleloader, first is a 200 yard target with a first shot fouler to the left and 3 shot group. The second is a 4 shot 100yd group. Thank you for the photos Mr Petrey.