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Frequently Asked Questions

-What Caliber are your muzzleloaders?

Our muz​zleloaders take a .451 caliber un-saboted bullet. We run all of our bullets through a swaging die to eliminate the use of a sabot to maintain speeds and accuracy.

-What type of powder do you use?

Our custom muzzleloaders are designed to shoot a smokeless powder charge using  IMR 4198


-What type of ignition system does your muzzleloader use?

 Our muzzleloaders have a custom lockup system designed by us. Due to the unique design of the seal we guarantee no leakage or blowback.

-Can i try other smokeless powders in my muzzleloaders

Absolutely NOT. Experimenting with anything aside from the recommended powder and charge risks damaging or destroying your muzzleloader and risk of injury or death.

-What kind of actions are A.G.I Muzzleloaders built on?

Our muzzleloaders are built off of Remington 700 actions. However our guns can be built off of other actions.​


-How often do i clean my muzzleloader?

Using smokeless powder it is not neccesary to clean your muzzleloader as you would using regular black powder. It is recomended that you clean the bore at the end of your hunting season. Cleaning is just as simple as removing your bolt and breach plug as you would your standard muzzleloader.
-What type of optics are you using on your muzzleloader?
Preferably for this type of gun and the range it can shoot  is best for our application. We are using the NightForce scopes with illuminated radical. It gives you those extra few minutes at the end of the day to make that last winning shot.
-What kind of accuracy can I expect from my AGI muzzleloader?
Every gun is different, at AGI we strive for the utmost in accuracy, some of our rifles have been exceptional producing groups measuring under a tenth of an inch at 100yds. With practice and propper condition reading most people can expect to get 1/2" groups at that distance but we do strees that practice and condition (wind) reading skills are a must. Our rifles have their loads worked up and are proofed by shooters that have years of longrange and benchrest shooting experience which gives them the ability to shoot some of the groups posted here.
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